About Us

Marigold is a Utah-based group, comprised of three seasoned musicians and performers:

Angela Soffe – voice, guitar, piano
Stacey Davis – bass
Kim Dubois – violin, mandolin

While Angela, Stacey, and Kim began their musical careers many years ago, they first began playing together as BYU Folk Ensemble members in 2000. Each of them has toured all over the world, including across the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia, performing and sharing their love for music.

Angela Soffe has released songs on over five albums with Covenant Communications, and was featured as the theme artist on the recent film, “Baptists at our Barbeque”. She has performed live on KTKK 630am radio and her songs have appeared on other radio stations. She currently teaches private voice and piano lessons and is a music teacher at a private school.

Stacey Davis received a BA in Music from Brigham Young University in 2005. While there, she published a book of bass fiddle tunes. She has played in countless groups, playing mostly classical and bluegrass music. She currently teaches middle school and is finishing an album with a local band, Silver City Pink.

Kim Dubois also played in Silver City Pink with her sister, Stacey. She started playing the violin at age six. She plays classical, bluegrass, and Celtic styles, and has won fiddle and mandolin contests all over California and Utah. She currently teaches private fiddle and mandolin lessons.

Contact us at: (801) 230-2894 or scheduling@marigoldmusic.com.